Lifelines Coral, Tencel Elastane Jersey Knit

Lifelines Coral, Tencel Elastane Jersey Knit


Design Name: :Lifelines Coral

Design by: Zauberstaubundglitzer

Design Specifications: Full Border Print running from one selvage to the other
Cut length: in 50cm increments

Stretch: 2 way stretch (horizontally and vertically)

Minimum Order 50cm. Orders of 1m and above will be cut as 1 piece.

  • Care Instructions

    I recommend to wash with similar colours at 30 degrees using a mild detergent. Full, sensitive and other detergents often contain bleaching agents and are less gentle on fibers. Don't bleach, don't tumble dry. Pre-wash is recommended, as shrinkage may occur.

  • Units

    One unit contains 0.5 meters. If several units are purchased, the fabric is delivered in one piece.

  • Composition Tencel Jersey

    94% Tencel, 6% Elastane, oeko-tex certified

    Width : approx. 165cm
    Weight : approx. 170gr

  • Print

    The Tencel was digitally printed, which means that small dots of color may appear. This does not represent a defect in the goods.
    Only the fabric described is delivered by the meter, no items of clothing or combination fabrics. Color deviations due to monitor and camera settings are reserved.

  • Tencel Info

    Tencel is a soft and silky fabric with beautiful drape. It is perfect for light shirts, skirts and dresses.

    Tencel can be ranged into the viscose family. It is a so called man-made fibre. Tencel is made from Lyocell fibres. Those fibres are extracted from sustainably grown wood, mainly Eucalypt trees. Eucalypt trees grow without artificial irrigation and do not compete with agricultural areas. According to our Tencel producer, the production of the fabric is particularly sustainable with a minimal use of raw materials and energy and has even been awarded the European Award for the Environment. Compliance with social standards and fair production is a given.

    Tencel is highly breathable and compostable. If you are planning on composting, ensure your used threads are too :-)