Creating beautiful and eco-friendly designs for and with an empowered community of women

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This is me, Christine - one of the faces behind Marlini Design,

the one who connects the dots.

My drive is to connect people and establish an enriching, sustainable business that focuses on all aspects of sustainability:

social, economic and environmental.

But the one thing that really gets me moving is YOU and the empowerment our sewing community provides.
During the setup of Marlini Design I was very fortunate to meet some incredible women. Being able to work with these women, seeing them thrive and witnessing their passion for their own businesses touched me deeply.

I literally immerse myself in this creative and supportive environment. It brings me so much joy. It is hard to describe. We have an amazing sewing community here in Australia and world-wide, I feel blessed to be part of it.

With Marlini Design I aim to establish a supportive, creative and respectful community. A place where we can all come together and enjoy the pleasures of sewing, working with amazing materials and unique designs. We will exchange thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Marlini Design can contribute to your creativity and passion.




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