Frequently asked questions

How do I pre-order fabric?

Our pre-order rounds are open for 1 week. Within this week you can order any fabric from the Pre-Order page. To pre-order simply add desired quantity to your shopping basket. Please note that 1Qty = 50cm. To order 1 meter add 2 units to your cart. Once you are done, check out as normal.
Freight charges will be added to your cart before check out. We have a flat rate shipping rate of AUD9.95 within Australia. International shipping is charged per weight. Once a pre-order round closes our designs are printed in India. It can take 6-8 weeks for your fabric to arrive in Australia. You will receive an email once fabric arrives at our Headoffice in Brisbane. We aim to cut and pack all pre-orders within a couple of days of their arrival.

What is a border print fabic?

Our designs run along the lengthwise edge (parallel to selvage) of the fabric. We offer single border prints - design runs along one lengthwise edge and double border prints - design runs along both lengthwise edges. All designes are specified on their product page.

How do I work with border print fabric?

Depending on the garment you are planning on making you may have to cut your fabric against the grainline. But please don't worry - our fabric has a 4-way stretch with great recovery and is designed for this purpose. You might like to consider playing around with the option of cutting with the grainline and running the design vertically on your garment. There is many options how to get the best out of your new fabric. Enjoy your sewing journey!

Please head on over to our Facebook sewing community to share tips and tricks. We regularly share information, videos, previews of new designs and would like to see you there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/marlinidesign

Where is Marlini Design Fabric produced and printed?

Our exclusive boder print designs are produced and printed in India. All material is ethically sourced and made in factory with high standards. Our modal/ spandex is digitally printed on the latest Italian digital textile printer. We use eco friendly azo-free printing ink & chemicals as per International standards. The factory we are working with aims to inspire a movement of sustainable consumption of textiles and clothing by showing that responsible manufacturing is the way to a prosperous future. Their weaving and looming studio employs local artisans and is build close to the vilage the owners granddad was born in. Amongst other things natural lighting and a soloar powered side enable our partner to focus on a sustainable production. Of their around 45 employees 3/4 are women.

Which fabric bases does Marlini Design offer?

At this stage we are offering modal/spandex base only. Modal fabric is eco-friendly and a super soft fibre that is won from beech trees. Combined with a little spandex we have a leightweight, stretchy and breathable fabric that barely shrinks in the wash. This is why it makes it the perefct fabric base for our Australian climate.
We are constantly looking to evolve and are testing different fabric bases. Our aim is to supply you with great quality fabric to go hand in hand with your next sewing project. One thing you will not find in our range: Polyester based fabric. Rest assured with the knowledge that our fabric bases are made from natural fibres. But even those natural fibres have to be processed to become a stretchy fabric. To turn the natural material, cellulose, into fibre an environmentally-friendly chemical process is used.

Why are your designs exclusive?

Our designs are limited editions & only get printed once. That keeps us on my feet and ensures you are getting new & fresh designs every time.
We will run a special event once a year where our loyal customers can wish back some designs though. They will be limited and only be offered to our valued Marlini members .

Do you offer Marlini design fabric for retail?

Yes we do. With every pre order round we will get fabric for retail. Quantities will be limited as we are a family operated business (well a mum operated business really) and do not have a large warehouse. We simply need the space for the next designs.

Why do you say we when you speak about Marlini Design, when it is you running the business?

Well that is a good question. I love and value the collaboration with my designers and advisers (mainly friends & family). We are a team.

And then there is you wonderful people. We are all part of this beautiful sewing community. Without ‘my’ team and you guys I would not be able to run Marlini Design. I am very thankful for this connection and how I feel about my, their and your journey. It is a team effort to pull a business off. So that’s why I say we.



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